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An HRMS with a Human Touch.

Optimise the most crucial resource in your enterprise. People.



Your employees are multi-dimensional, so should your Human Resource Management System (HRMS) be.


Payroll Management

Mange employee compensation, deduction calculations, flexible pay, IT computations etc.


Recruitement Management

Manage everything from requisition to onboarding to employee training all in one integrated terminal


Performance Management

Track goals and delivery of each team and employee. Provide feedback and appraisal


Attendence Management

Take attendence from any where in the world using FusionHub HRMS' geotagging feature


Leave Management

Setup different leave management policies and approve leaves using FusionHub HRMS


Reporting and Analytics

Generate advanced dashboards or spreadsheet at the blink of an eye

Work-From-Home Ready

Times have changed and so should your HRMS. Fully embrace work-from-home revolution without any loss in productivity

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Geotagged Attendence

Employees can take attendence from any location that has been pre-approved by you

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Task Management

FusionHub HRMS linked with FusionHub Project Management can give your team daily insights about the work done by employees

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In-built chat based communication

Let teams interact with each other using FusionHub's chat features. Analyse those chats to get insights in the team's performance


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Get a 360-degree view of your manpower at your finger tips. Genetare advanced insights using ready to use dashboard templates.

Cloud or On-Perm Deployment

Whether you want to use our cloud ERP facility or deploy on-site, we provide support for every possible type of deployment


Third-Party Integration Ready

Our REST based APIs can integrate with any third-party system, so you do not have to manually migrate data between your different systems


Fully Customizable

Your HRMS should be as agile as your organisation. FusionHub HRMS can be customized to fit your HR workflows with minimal effort


Quick to Deploy

FusionHub HRMS can be deployed in the least amount of time, ensuring smooth and painless transition between other HRMS to FusionHub

Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Just open your dashboard in the morning and get complete visibility of your team's performance

Predictive Analytics

Predict required time to complete task based on work done data

Custom APIs

Integrate FusionHub Cloud ERP with other analytic tools using our tailormade API solution for you

In-built Spreadsheet

Why download in Excel and do further analysis, just do it straight in FusionHub HRMS

Pre-made Templates

Choose from many pre-made account report templates

Dashboard Builder

Showcase C-suite executives in your organisation easy to understand dashboards

Let's Work Together

Call us at +91-120-4022333 and see how FusionHub Cloud ERP has help your business to grow.

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