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Relationship Management Done Right.

Empower your sales team with the most feature-rich CRM in the industry. Convert leads faster with FusionHub CRM



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Your customers are more aware than ever and need mutli-dimensional support to convert them to success stories.

Campaign Management

Manage everything from budgeting, vendors, creatives and posting of your campaigns inside FusionHub CRM. Integrate with Meta and Google and manage your leads straight from FusionHub


Customized Customer Portal

Customers need more than just a brochure and site visit. Keep your brand in the back of their minds always. Our online customer portal is designed to be customized to your needs.


Post-Sales Support

Manage customer documentation, automated e-KYC, invoicing and payment all throught one portal. Smoothen your customer support process with customized portal for your customers


SMS and Email Integration

Manage SMS and email integration with third-party applications. Send burst SMS and Email from FusionHub CRM at ease.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Just open your dashboard in the morning and get complete visibility of your prospects and conversions

Predictive Analytics

Predict sales and lead quality based on previous sales patterns

Custom APIs

Integrate FusionHub Cloud ERP with other analytic tools using our tailormade API solution for you

In-built Spreadsheet

Why download in Excel and do further analysis, just do it straight in FusionHub CRM

Pre-made Templates

Choose from many pre-made account report templates

Dashboard Builder

Showcase C-suite executives in your organisation easy to understand dashboards

Let's Work Together

Call us at +91-120-4022333 and see how FusionHub Cloud ERP has help your business to grow.

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