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Accounts and Finance Done Right.

Get a crystal clear view of your entire enterprise's financials at your fingertips with FusionHub Finance 



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Get a 360-degree view of your accounts and finance at your finger tips. Genetare advanced insights using ready to use dashboard templates.

Accounting Hub

Maintain a single organisation-wide chart-of-accounts that integrates with existing third-party accounting systems in your organization. Ensure data consistency and without disrupting existing business processes


Asset Maintenence

Manage fixed asset depreciation that yields substantial tax benefits for your enterprise. Accurately estimate the return on investment (ROI) that optimises fixed-asset management for your company.


Multi-Currency Support

Pay and receive money in different currencies and let FusionHub Finance handle the hard-part. Make your business ready for the globalized world.


Bank Account Integration

Integrate your existing bank accounts with FusionHub Finance and get automated notifications when payments are recieved in your bank account. Remove the hassle of checking your statement multiple times in a day.

Integrated GST Portal

FusionHub Cloud ERP integrates with GSTN Portal enabling GST process automation

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Integrated Dashboard

Get unified view of all from transactions in all states and get access to CGST, SGST, IGST data all in one integrated terminal

Automated Data Sync

Automatically sync purchase data for goods and services between FusionHub Cloud ERP and the GSTN portal 

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Vendor Communication

Automatically send communication to all vendors when a purchase bill is booked in FusionHub Finance

Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Just open your dashboard in the morning and get complete visibility of your accounts and finances

Predictive Analytics

Predict revenue and expense based on annual sales patterns

Custom APIs

Integrate FusionHub Cloud ERP with other analytic tools using our tailormade API solution for you

In-built Spreadsheet

Why download in Excel and do further analysis, just do it straight in FusionHub Finance

Pre-made Templates

Choose from many pre-made account report templates

Dashboard Builder

Showcase C-suite executives in your organisation easy to understand dashboards

Let's Work Together

Call us at +91-120-4022333 and see how FusionHub Cloud ERP has help your business to grow.

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