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FusionHub Cloud ERP

Construction ERP Done Right.


Tomorrow's industry torch bearers need a business management tool that is as agile as their business. FusionHub Cloud ERP brings advance capabilities in AI to automate manual processes involved in many legacy ERPs, and real-time analytics to give you current updates that keep you ahead of the curve.


An ERP You Can Trust

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01. Fast & Agile

FusionHub ERP can be customized in un-countable ways, so you don't have to change internal process just to accomodate a new ERP. Transitioning to FusionHub is faster than unlocking your mobile phone.

02. Unilimited Accounts, Forever.

Never worry about adding new seats to FusionHub. FusionHub is your virtual office with no size limits. Change number of users whenever you want without any second-thought.

03. Real-Time Analytics

FusionHub is designed with the newest innovations in RPC real-time communication, ensuring your business is future-ready and you get real-time updates about your business


Understand Your
Business Better

Legacy construction ERPs were designed with data recording as focus, with little to no emphasis on advance insights generation.

Thus, irrespective which ERP you used, insights were generated in a spreadsheet. FusionHub ERP is designed with the data-driven decision making mindset of modern business leaders. We use advanced AI and predictive analytics to provide business leaders the information that a team of 30 people will provide.



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FusionHub was designed to fullfill the gap between the needs of modern construction industry and legacy ERPs that were designed for manufacturing and only boostrapped for the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry


Our vision to enable construction industry leaders take the industry multiple laps forward by improving operational visibility, reducing manual mundane tasks, and being the true virtual office for their business


We use the newest technologies in RPC real-time communication, machine learning based business analytics and Building-Information-Modelling (BIM) based tools to improve our client's efficiency and productivity



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Kundan Singh


“FusionHub Cloud ERP has been very easy to implement in our organisation. We were up and running in only 2 weeks. Many of our report generation tasks have been automated, reducing time spent on mundane tasks.”

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